Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Outdoor Kitchen is Finished!

Here it is...I really wish I would have taken pictures of our progress.   It was about a month long project for us and I am thankful it is done!  We started in June and finished tiling just after the 4th of July.  

Joe drew up a wonderful design which included a bar area.  He and my Dad then built the structure around the BBQ.  Then Joe and I spent several days cutting and adhering the tile.  My parents came over one more time and helped us with the grouting...thank you:)    

We are so pleased with it.  Joe absolutely loves the Huntington BBQ we purchased a Cabela's.  It's well built, cooks wonderfully and is made in the USA!  Happy grilling for us!


  1. Happy grilling!! I am currently looking into Isle of Palms real estate and one of my requirements is an outdoor kitchen. I love to entertain out back. Was it very expensive putting that in yourself?

  2. We spent around $700 not including the BBQ. The biggest expense will be the tile. We went with a porcelain tile that was on clearance at Lowes.

  3. Your kitchen looks great, good job! My close friend is extremely interested and is looking at outdoor kitchens in tampa fl. I want to help them out, but I'm new to this and I wonder, would it need something over the kitchen? I can't really tell from your photo if you have one. I think it's a fun idea that would be great to have when inviting friends over. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  4. Hi Liam, it's about 3/4 covered. If you look to the right of the picture you will see a post, that is where the covered portion of the patio starts. I have seen outdoor kitchens that are not covered, but where we live (from cold to very hot weather) we thought it was best to have it covered as much as possible. We also sealed the tile really well and cover the BBQ portion of it.

  5. Your outdoor kitchen is wonderful, Kristie! =) By the way, congratulations on this one. My sister and I are planning to install an outdoor kitchen too, and I’m really excited to get it started! Hihi! :D I think we’ll put a sink and a small fridge in it as well. =)

    - Shona Martinez

  6. Congratulations on finishing your outdoor kitchen! I think what you need are some chairs and table or a bar stool, so you can enjoy the appetizing food you’ll be making on your Huntington BBQ. Well, this has been posted several months ago, so I know that your outdoor kitchen looks more phenomenal today. =)

    Angelina Garcia